[RG1] Mpourloto, Affliction / Demo Warlock

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Character name: Mpourloto

[RG1] Mpourloto, Affliction / Demo Warlock

Post by mpourloto » 23 Jul 2017, 15:05

Who is your character?
Affliction warlock / Demonology os
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... /mpourloto
https://www.wowprogress.com/character/e ... /Mpourloto

Who are you?
I am Giannis, 26 years old from Greece.

To which Raid Group are you Applying?

Nighthold HC clear
Emerald Nightmare Mythic clear
Took a break after nighthold for rl stuff and came back now. Have been raiding since WotLK trying different classes with main role being healer or dps

Raid Role
I am a range dps class with a pet, offering high damage output, increased survivability compared to other ranged classes and benefits for the raid group (portals, ss). Preparing for a raid means reading about the encounters in guides or watching videos (wowhead, icyveins, fatboss, etc.), being on time with any consumables that are needed and maintaining a solid presence throughout the raid. Being able to follow the strategy of the team and avoiding any mistakes from my part, while also maintaining a high damage output to the targets is my indication of a job well done.
I try to be updated about my class from the warlock discord, warcraftlogs and the sites I mentioned previously.

Your Spec
53 artifact level.
I apply my main dots (corruption, agony, siphon life) and try to maintain them through the encounter. The use of UA depends on the choice of talents (MG/Writhe and Contagion/AC) for the encounter, either dumping 3 or more together to benefit from MG or trying to keep 100% uptime for contagion. Reap Souls is typically used when there is a UA on the target or when there are other buffs or high dmg needed. For multiple targets I change between multi doting and casting SoC depending on the number of enemies. Drain soul is the filler spell.
For stats haste and mastery are very close for affliction locks followed by crit. In order to have a better understanding for what gear choices to make I sim my character to get the stat weights but also compare them with other people or guides to have the best result.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I used to play demonology for EN because affliction wasn't very viable at the time so I am quite comfortable and used to the rotation and mechanics of the spec.
I have a warrior lvl 110 but is low geared for current content.

I have a microphone and am able to use it when needed. I am comfortable to using the forums for anything that needs discussing.
My battle tag is mpourloto#2297

Combat Logs
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... /mpourloto

Your UI
Guild History
Currently my guild is Legion of Lobsters which is a group of friends that emerged from our previous guild Elysium Gaming which had management issues. We had a lot of successes with Lobsters but lately they have attendance issues due to many people stop playing and are moving away from mythic raiding, which was one of the reasons I took a break. Also, I usually play together with my rl friends and one of them has defected to your guild so I am trying to join him.

Raid availability
I can attend most of the raids unless there is any work related or other emergency

My rl friend Carambula is in your guild and he was the one who recommended me to apply

About you
I am working as a Civil engineer in Greece. Used to be hardcore gamer but now I am playing more casually on my free time.