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Post by Daes » 27 Aug 2016, 21:23

Who Is you character?
Daes - Priest - Shadow http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... s/advanced

Who Are You?
Hello i'm Harry, i'm 18 from England, specifically Bristol.

To Which Raid Group Are Your Applying?
RG1. As i want to maintain my raid progression.

I raided casually in MoP and cleared 25h SoO, for WoD i fluctuated between casual and pug raiding until HFC released, where i decided to commit myself to raiding more and eventually cleared 13/13 mythic HFC. I have played wow for roughly 10 years on multiple accounts.

Raid Role
Currently i play ranged DPS however i used to main a Protection Warrior in MoP and my alt was a Mage, so i am also knowledgeable on tanking mechanics as well, the only role i have not raided in is a healer.
playing a Shadow Priest has allowed me to ensue a lot of jobs in a fights mechanics (Gorefiend Ghosts, Blast Furnace Mind Control ect).
For my knowledge i like to go on the HowToPriest forums. https://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=8402
which has a lot of information and theorycrafing on the Priest class.

Your Spec
I am applying as a Shadow Priest and this is the class and spec i would strongly prefer to play, the stat prio for shadow as it stands is Haste>Crit>Mast>Vers, obviously the 4-set is extremely powerful as it not only provides a shorter cooldown on your Mindbender/Shadowfiend but also gives you a significant buff to your Haste, Crit and Mastery.
i find the 7.0 version of Shadow extremely enjoyable and hope to progress myself as a player to achieve the best i can.


Tier 1: Twist Of Fate is the best choice in this row, specifically with multi target fights which allows you to have to 20% damage buff for long portions of time.

Tier 2: I alternate between Body & Soul (40% movement increase) and a Masochism depending on the situation, however Body & Soul is the ''best'' option.

Tier 3: This row doesn't really matter but Mind Bomb is the only useful talent in a raid scenario.

Tier 4: Both Reaper Of Souls and Void Ray are viable, RoS is best for add fights like Xhul'Horac because it allows for a larger execute window as well as a larger insanity gain from it, where as Void Ray is the best choice for extended AoE or single target fights as it just buffs your Mindflay and Mind Sear.

Tier 5: Auspicious Spirits is the best choice as of right now because the amount of crit you can achieve, making it extremely powerful on council and long lived add fights.

Tier 6: All 3 are viable choices, Power Infusion can be used on speed kills as it provides a significant haste bonus aswell as an increased insanity generation %, Shadow Crash can be used on mass AoE fights such as Kormrok hands or Mannoroth Imps if your guild is lacking in burst AoE, and finally Mindbender is powerful and the default because it has great synergy with your tier set, providing almost constant Insanity generation.

Tier 7: Surrender to Madness and Legacy of The Void can both be viable depending on the boss length and movement involved, Surrender to Madness is the go to talent for farming bosses as it provides you with massive DPS potential however because of its death mechanic makes it questionable for progression, Legacy of The Void can also be used and is a more stable dps choice for long fights and more useful on progression pulls.

Off-Spec and Alternative Characters
I would prefer to stay Shadow as i am not an experienced healer, however if it was required of me i would learn to play Disc/Holy.

For my alts i am comfortable with playing Warlock, Elemental Shaman and possibly a Mage, however as stated before i would prefer to main Shadow as it is the most enjoyable spec for me to play and the one i can play ''best''

my only notable alt is my Warlock as its the only other class i raided with in HFC
Warlock: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... r/advanced


I have a good mic and i'm comfortable to use it however i do not usually speak unless i have something important or funny to add to the conversation.

i also like to stalk forums so i would be happy to contribute to tactics and opinions on the forums.

Combat logs:
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... 69/latest/ (Pre-patch)
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... artition=1 (WoD)
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... bracket=-1 (WoD)

Please bare in mind that because of my current guild situation i do not have many logs in the pre-patch.

Your UI


Guild History

Throughout MoP i was in a friends social guild called ARDA - Eonar, in HFC i joined a guild called Lux Et Veritas - Eonar which raided normmal and heroic casually, this guild merged a larger more successful guild called Phoenix Reborn - Eonar, i raided with them until me and my friend Joe decided that we wanted to move on to bigger things and transferred over to Thats Nice - Defias Brotherhood, we raided with them and got Archimonde Mythic and have been with them since December 7th however due to the current guild leadership and direction changes we both decided that we were not happy raiding with them anymore and felt it was best to leave.

Raid availability

I am able to meet every raid day and i am available every day for most of the day, this is unlikely to change.

My friend joe and i have been looking for a guild and he said this guild seemed like a good fit.

About You

Hey I'm Harry, i like video games (obviously) and generic nerdy things like comic books and fantasy stuff, i like to think i'm a pretty carefree guy who can joke around.


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