Warrior (Lvl 55) Silverstre WLTM

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Warrior (Lvl 55) Silverstre WLTM

Post by dannyviallii » 07 Apr 2021, 23:09

Who is your character?
Silvestre, Worgen, Warrior -Fury/Protection

Who are you?
Dan Bullock, 36, UK, South Coast

I think dungeons & social, but really would like to progress to Raid & PvP, once my skills sharpen

Guild history
I am currently with Jollie Rubbers on the DB server. Nice groups, but seem to raid, then all log-off & discord not very active.

I found your link to the website on WoW guild finder

About you
I am a long time returning player from Vanilla around 10 years ago.
I have never got to end the game, but am mostly looking to complete most of the quest achievements & learn lore. Gearing up & raiding will come I guess.
Looking for a mature guild that appreciates not everyone is a great player straight out the box!
Have not roleplayed, but would be interested if it was something the guild required.
I am thinking to level a tank main as well as a holy priest, so can be a good help in raids in future.
Can do discord, but not always able to be on the mic, due to baby, but can arrange if raiding/dungeons etc.


I love having them around, so I can someone to look up to me.