Carnillean social application

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Carnillean social application

Post by Guest » 10 Nov 2019, 16:04

Hello Raven Council, I hope you all are faring well this is my application to your guild, I wish to start off social and perhaps work my way up as a raider, slow and steady.

Who is your character?
Carnillean, Human, Rogue.

Who are you?
I'm Jurre Rodenburg from Holland.

The world you build together as a guild and the PvP you engage in.

Guild history
Mostly small social guilds in vanilla.

I heard about an ad for recruitment in Winterspring earlier. But I entered an Onyxia pug with Evilmorty one of your members, he was lucky enough to get the head with a roll of 98. With that I decided to join, a lucky gnome like that must be a good sign. on top of that the guild name and tabard look pretty cool.

About you
I've previously played in vanilla and I picked up where I left off in classic, currently playing a rogue for PvP, and leveling a paladin alt on the side for healing and dungeoneering.

They can be a force of good for all humanoidkind if directed properly.

Looking forward to playing with the rest of you and good luck out there in phase two when we will clash with the horde finally!