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Character name: Darktez
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Raider Application

Post by Darktez » 25 Oct 2019, 20:27

Who is your character?
Darktez, Druid, Feral Tank
Firé, Mage, Fire Dps

Who are you?
My name is Tezcan. i am 38 years old, and i am from Turkey. i was born in Germany also.

it was long time ago. But i also did good tier with my ex guild.

Raid Role
i was also off tank.

I have discord and its easy connection there

Guild History
My past guild was name "under pressure" ... and i miss that days also :)

i hear about you from Sherelia... He was really helpfull :)

About you
i am good person :) and i am lawyer, i have wife she is also lawyer too ... 30 days later i will have baby ... i work much also but time to time i play games for end all stress

Have a good and happy life :)