The 15th anniversary celebrations has begun!

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The 15th anniversary celebrations has begun!

Post by Jingles » 25 Oct 2020, 13:48


The Raven Council's 15th anniversary began with a night "full of wits" as all members where invited to Quiz Night.
The time was set but a riddle had the contestants figure out the destination where the event was held.

Mostly all figured out that the riddle led the way to the Inn under Aerie Peak in The Hinterlands, home of the Wildhammer Dwarfs. Luckily summons were there to help out one or two gnomes who couldn't find the way.

Loremaster Krekandus asked lore questions which varied in difficulty in three main categories: Death / Famous People / Battle for Azeroth.

The members that participated were very active and showed a wide range of lore knowledge. The three that came out on top was:

1st - Skyps 140 points
2nd - Coldwood 132 points
3rd Vallithira 130 points.

Awards were handed to the top three, while all participants enjoyed a nice evening that marked the start of the three-day anniversary celebration.

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