Ret Paladin application; From Social to Raider,

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Ret Paladin application; From Social to Raider,

Post by Thorold » 14 May 2023, 00:46

Who is your character?
[Your character name, class, specs, Armory link, and WoWProgress link. Try to log out in main-spec gear]
Main Character Name:Thorold
Main Character Class: Paladin ( UI, from BG. ) ... ng/thorold

Who are you?
[Your name, age, where you're from, etc]
Name / Alias: Henrik / Thorold – Earthen Ring
Country of Origin: Denmark
Age: 31
[What is your prior raiding experience? Which tiers? LFR/Flex/Normal/Heroic/Mythic? And importantly: Did you clear these raids when they were current content (the most recent tier added), or come back in the next patch? If you've performed any character change re-rolling in your time, what character(s) and role(s) did you play during which content?]
Vanilla; ZG; AQ20; MC; BWL; Ony; AQ40 / Naxx ( only partially for the last 2 )
BC Kara; ZA; SSC; TK; Hyjal; BT; Sunwell ( Can't remember how far we got but definitely didn't clear it.
WOTLK: Naxx; Vault; Obsidian Sanctum; Eye of eternity; Totc; Ony; ICC ( didn't kill Lich king ) and didn't play during Ulduar.
Cata: Only played during Dragon soul, but cleared it on 25m HC
MOP: Didn't play the game during MOP
WOD: During WOD I was raid leader in a small friends and family guild called Saélin, The level of play was in general below average, so I usually did 20-30% of the total damage, while raid leading from melee, and led them to clear Highmaul normal ( I know, but it was a big achievement for people who struggled with The Butcher on Heroic ) To learn the raid in a capacity that would allow me to lead them, efficiently. I pugged AOTC in the first 2 weeks and set up most of the groups myself. I did this again with Blackrock Foundry, and we did clear it on normal, but due to some people stepping back from raiding, the GM decided to merge the guild. Which resulted in a complete collapse. Afterwards I joined a “Semi-Hardcore Heroic & Mythic raiding guild” That could clear heroic, but didn't have the discipline & Flexibility to properly progress on the road to Cutting Edge. ( 5/13 mythic )
Legion: I stayed with the Semi-Hardcore guild partway into Emerald Nightmare, but the inflexibility and unwillingness of the players to adapt strategies and just all-round little to no desire to improve as players opened my eyes to the fact that the guild could not clear mythic content reliable at that time, and likely never would. My decision to leave was however solidified when we couldn't kill Helya on heroic, and the leadership still wanted to say that our aim was to clear it on Mythic. I quit shortly there after due to IRL responsibilities
BFA: Who I raided with during Uldir completely escapes me atm, but BFA in general was reason enough to not play seriously.
Shadowlands: Didn't play seriously
DF: Started playing again on 29-04-23, but am 8/9 on Normal as of 13-05-23

Raid Role
[Describe your current role in a raid team, how you prepare for it and how you judge your own performance. Where do you learn new things and keep yourself updated on your class?]
At the moment my macroes are set up for 3v3 arena, but i do have assist macroes for Blessing of freedom and sacrifice, for Blessing of protection i generally prefer a mouseover macro, aside from that i bring single food for myself, banquet if i can afford it, and phials, specifically 7 for a 3 hour raid.
I follow the Hammer of Wrath discord for news on theorycrafting ( Rip ElitistJerks )

Your Spec
[Tell us about your main spec's artifact level, rotation priorities (for DPS primarily), stat priorities and important talent choices. We like to see the insight behind your gear and build choices, and it clarifies things in case Armory shows you in some strange PvP/soloing spec!]
I have a single target spec that is focused on just smacking the boss in the face.
If needed i can of course switch to hybrid ST or full aoe if required, but i find that more people in general take specs of the hybrid variety, so i prefer to use a full single target spec, both for priority target killing, but also if the boss dies quicker, healers spend less mana and all the other good stuff that comes with it.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
[How comfortable are you switching to your off-spec for a fight/raid if needed?
Do you have any alts that would also be a viable option for raiding with us? Please add Armory links for other characters if so, and tell us to what degree they are/have been played.]
I could learn both prot and holy if absolutely required, but i think i would rather get another character up in level. But i also believe that i have a talent for DPS'ing that i don't with tanking or healing.

[Do you have a microphone and how comfortable are you with using it during encounters if needed? Are you happy to use these forums for discussion of tactics/general scheming, and check back regularly for important information? Please also leave your Battle Tag here so that officers can get in touch with you faster if needed.]
I am comfortable talking, as i used to raid lead. But I don't have one currently and i don't believe that 20+ people need to talk during a fight, up to 3 people, a general raidleader who call out mechanics; a person who calls out if a healing cooldown is required outside the rotation that was set up before the start of combat, and a tank if the boss needs to be moved or they need an external CD

Combat Logs
[Please link your character's main page on Warcraft Logs (Example). If you have no logs, please explain why (eg, logs expired) and/or aim to log your performance from an LFR/Normal/PUG run, to add to your application. TRC raiders are expected to review their own performance on Warcraft Logs in order to improve, so you should be/get used to doing this. ;) It's especially important for dps-players, and applicants who would need to transfer before we can trial them (eg Horde).]
The picture links here are pictures of details from my Echo of neltharion kill, and a couple of the tries on Sarkareth ( Echo of Neltharion kill ) ( Sarkareth attempt ) ( Sarkareth attempt ) ... fficulty=4 ( BFA; Uldir Heroic / Normal ) ... fficulty=4 ( Legion; Emerald Nightmare Heroic / Mythic ) ... fficulty=4 (WOD; Hellfire Citadel Heroic / Mythic )

Your UI
[Attach a screenshot of your current raiding UI, and if it shows anything unusual (in the UI, not the chat box :p), feel free to explain your choices. A screenshot during raid combat is most desirable.] I was distracted by a chicken in LFR so I didn't get a picture.

Guild History
[What other guilds have you been in? What made you move(/plan to move) from these guilds, and why do you want to join TRC?]
Epic and private.
-Ron Swanson

Raid availability
[Can you generally make all of our raiding days/times, or are there any difficulties with this? Our current raid schedule is found here.]
Technically all days after 18:00 but I help manage a building so if something happens with a tenant i'm the guy who is sent to check it out. Also theres some sickness in the family so I might have to run at a moments notice. (This is a big part of why I stopped raiding in the first place)

[How did you hear about us? And do you know someone from the game who can vouch for you as player/person?]
I joined as a social member, raided with dodo on 12-05-23, cleared up to echo, enjoyed it so much i spent much of saturday trying and succeeding with killing Echo of Neltharion, and now i want more.
I don't think I know anyone well enough for them to vouch for me as a person. But i believe the people who was in the dodo raid can vouch for me as a player.

About you
[A little something about yourself as a person. It can be brief if you like, it's just a sort of introduction to the rest of the guild. :)]
I've played since vanilla, was forced to play holy if i wanted to raid. Earned my raid spot as Retribution in BC, if i agreed to being the hybrid player ( if we needed an extra healer i swapped, and I tanked the thrash in hyjal when that was relevant ) after BC i never looked back from ret

[If you have any extra notes that do not necessarily fit in anywhere else, stick 'em here.]
Echo is pretty easy once you figure out a healer rotation for the movement on the big fire aoe, after that the fight is more or less tank and spank until P3 where you just need people to spread out on the portals so you don't die.

Sarkareth seems complicated, but if you try the fight first you will see that phase 1 and 2 kinda just flies by, phase 3 is when the fight really starts. It was so chaotic that i didn't see much, but there is a bomb soak that seems like just having everyone run to the center of the room is the best way to deall it. The best thing by far about the fight is the extra dimension where the DPS can grab 10 grey priest feath looking things that give you 5% haste and movement speed stacking, so you can zoom around for abit during phase changes.

Thanks for the chance!


Re: Ret Paladin application; From Social to Raider,

Post by Guest » 14 May 2023, 01:21

Something i didn't add, i haven't dabbled in WeakAuras yet, but plan to with the echo raid tools aswell.


Re: Ret Paladin application; From Social to Raider,

Post by Guest » 14 May 2023, 23:43

I can proudly add that I lead a group of champions to the slaying of Sarkareth normal.


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Post by Guest » 15 May 2023, 01:02

Heres the log for the Sarkareth kill ... amage-done

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Re: Ret Paladin application; From Social to Raider,

Post by Fahranya » 15 May 2023, 19:32

Thanks for your application, Thorold. I'll get an answer to you asap


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Re: Ret Paladin application; From Social to Raider,

Post by Fahranya » 17 May 2023, 10:48

Accepted for trial

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