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Post by Rainthian » 30 Apr 2023, 00:24

Who is your character?
Destruction and Affliction Warlock

Who are you?
I'm Rainthian I am 28 and from England

I've raided on/off from late BC early 2008 I've mained a warlock through most expansions. I have experience with nearly every class however in a raiding environment to at least a heroic level.
I've played at multiple tiers over the course of the game based on available time to commit to it.

Raid Role
I play ranged damage primarily and can do "Utility" roles in a fight Eg; The cannisters on Darkvein in Castle Nathria.
But have tanked healed and also melee'd as well, as my applications is for the lock will probably stick to ranged though.

Your Spec
I'm playing a chaos bolt centric build for destro at the moment and I rotate between about three different trees for that varying on situation can provide those on request.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I can also play affliction as well as destruction and will freely swap between the specs as certain fights favour certain specs.
I have a mage who's currently well geared and soon will also have others available.

I can comfortably use a microphone to talk to others and in turn listen to them.

Combat Logs
Good question, I like good questions. Do you know what else is a good question is how changing your toons name may effect or affect these things?

Your UI
I'll send one upon request. ;) It's very boring and minimalist.
I use DBM for voice notes, Clique for Mouseover, Details for tracking.

Guild History
Last guild I was in was called Nephelims Respite was the raidleader and an officer was there for Shadowlands was good fun.

Raid availability
Can't do fridays. Otherwise I should be fine.

Worst druid on Defias Brotherhood THORNBUSH said I could get another opportunity to carry him so naturally I leapt at the chance. I've only beaten him on healing on huntsman

About you
I'm detail orientated, I'm to the point, knowledgeable about most things WoW, particular sense of humour and enjoy world of warcraft.

I once got insane achievement and actually drove the people around me insane instead.
I apparently also got it IRL at the same time, "Thornbush"

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Re: RAIDER APPLICATION Roxanne-EarthenRing

Post by Stuey » 30 Apr 2023, 02:52

Thumbs up from me this lad...he's a great guy and a really good all rounder where the game is concerned & he'll always get my of luck fella! ^^
"If it bleeds, we can kill it"

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Re: RAIDER APPLICATION Roxanne-EarthenRing

Post by Sherelia » 30 Apr 2023, 09:59

Thank you for the application! We've talked last night already for quite a bit, we'll get back to you :)

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Re: RAIDER APPLICATION Roxanne-EarthenRing

Post by Fahranya » 30 Apr 2023, 12:58

Cleared for trial. Please poke a guild officer for a guild invite.


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