[Raider] Gast, Lvl 70 Assassination rogue

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Character name: Gast
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[Raider] Gast, Lvl 70 Assassination rogue

Post by Hijsalot » 18 Dec 2022, 19:35

Who is your character?
[Your character name, class, specs, Armory link, and WoWProgress link. Try to log out in main-spec gear]
Gast, Dwarf Rogue, Assasination, engineer
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... rhood/gast

Who are you?
[Your name, age, where you're from, etc]
Gijs, 40, Netherlands, irl friends with a few members in the Raven group

Raided in various expansions, and playing off and on sinds Burning cruisade.
I now to come prepared with foods and all the goodies.

Raid Role
Partisipation role, nog big ambitons my friends have enough :mrgreen:

Your Spec
Assasination, it is for me the most fun spec. In Shadowlands i played sub but the new assass was more fun.
and it has a lot of utility.

Off-specs and Alternative characters
I have a mage, but it needs some leveling.

I use Discord, and i know how to mute when need. also im not afraid to ask when things arent clear.

Combat Logs
No logs yet

Your UI
https://www.gijskusters.com/wp-content/ ... /12/ui.png

Guild History
Raided a few times with Raven in shadowlands.

Raid availability
Im availeble after 8

My friends are members (Xyphon, Teslacoill, Frostie, Yami, Magmashaper, Grimmas)

About you
dislectic as you can probebly read... And a chill guy.